Eye National School. The left range of buildings was erected by Sir Edward Kerrison in 1839. The Infants’ Room to the right was built in 1872. The buildings were demolished in 1987.

Kerrison’s Folly

Batman used to live in a folly, constructed on top of the motte.

General Sir Edward Kerrison built a mock stone keep on top of the motte as a house for his batman (personal servant) who saved his life during the Battle of Waterloo (1815).

I’m sure he was grateful but can you imagine walking up and down the motte every day?.. must have kept him fit!

Between 1907 and 1917 the upper storey of the house was used as a museum.

If you walk upto the viewing platform, you will be able to see the whole route you’ve walked on the trail.

The structure collapsed during a storm in 1960.