Medieval knights defending against a concerted siege.

The Castle and Town Defences

Eye Castle and the town were well placed for defence, as they were surrounded on three sides by water.

There were causeways (raised roads) to the south and east and two bridges, the Kings bridge and the Abbey bridge.


What evidence do we have?

1174 accounts show repairs, three new palisades, raising walls, rebuilding three burnt barns and two cattle sheds, repairing two bridges, remaking the divisions of the fishpond and the purchase of 60 lances.

1192 King Richard I (the Lionheart) fearing a rebellion by his brother John, created a garrison of 6 knights, 12 foot sergeants and 7 horses to be maintained at Eye Castle.




The king could also call on a much larger number of knights who would be at home farming their estates. They were available to fight when needed and had to do duty as the castle guard on a rota. They would have been managed by a constable.

During the barons war of 1265 the castle was sacked.

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