The two mottes highlighted on the 1840 tithe map.

Two Mottes?

Walk down Buckshorn Lane and keep your eyes pealed for signs of a second motte.

Look closely at the map and this map of 1839 and the modern street plan.

Can you see how the road leading from Castle Street to Broad Street curves tightly round to almost form a circle?


See the building left of Buckshorn Lane called The Mount? If you go and look you will see it is on higher ground.

There are also intriguing references in medieval documents dating from 1315-17 to two ‘mounts’ or mottes.’

The Saxons didn’t build castles, so it can’t have been the headquarters of Edric’s estate.

Perhaps the first castle motte built very quickly by William Malet, was damaged in battle, abandoned and replaced with the current motte?

We don’t have enough evidence to say when this might have happened, but we do know there were several battles and the castle was repaired and rebuilt on more than one occasion.

Follow the route below to get to the next point at the Market Place.